Michael J. Lewis
President & CEO
Louis V. Danna

Executive Management

The Executive Management Team of Michael J. Lewis, President and CEO, and Louis V. Danna, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, founded ONSITE-CO2 in 2012. The Team has the expertise and experience to lead the development plan for the ONSITE business model, and has recruited experienced industry professionals with the expertise to fulfill the potential of the Enhanced Oil Recovery opportunity deploying the ONSITE solution.

Michael J. Lewis - President and CEO

Michael is responsible for developing the opportunity using his unique combination of business experience in the oil and gas industry, pipeline industry, and his experience in engineering / project management with Fluor. In the initial projects, Michael will function as the senior Project Execution Manager. He has recruited one project manager already and has others to choose from to assemble the project execution team for project one. With Michael's experience in the project management philosophy of Fluor that element of the business model should be one of the inherent strengths of the Company. In addition to the project execution expertise, Michael's oil and gas background will prove instrumental in working with the oil production team and the pipeline construction and operation needs.

Louis V. Danna - Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

Louis was instrumental in the formulation and advancement of the business model that enables the Company to realize the value of the ONSITE solution. His combined past experiences in developing, expanding, and operating businesses in growth modes will be crucial to the Company in anticipating its business infrastructure needs, and therefore to be responsive to the growth demands on a proactive basis. Louis also brings a history of strong operational experience uncommon among executives with career roots in public accounting. His experience in operations management fortunately involved equipment, processes, and process integrations also common in the ONSITE solution. This combination of financial and operational acumen has proven to be very complementary to the engineering and business background of Michael Lewis, and will facilitate the team's expeditious execution of the ONSITE development plan.


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