CO2 in enhanced oil recovery

Bringing the CO2 source directly to the oilfield
without the need for a lengthy pipeline,
a railroad, or a fleet of trucks

ONSITE-CO2 is an Enhanced Oil Recovery Project Developer deploying its proprietary process for providing CO2 to mature oilfields. The ONSITE solution brings the CO2 source directly to the oilfield site, avoiding the lengthy lead-time as well as the costly development typical of traditional CO2 sources, and eliminating the need to construct lengthy pipelines.

The ONSITE CO2 source is distinctly different than traditional sources in that it is developed directly on top of the oilfield, provides the power source for the entire Enhanced Oil Recovery project, and generates additional revenue from the sale of power not used at the project site. The ONSITE CO2 plant is configured specifically for the requirements of each EOR Project. Typically a Target Oilfield would have at least 50 million barrels of Original Oil In Place (OOIP) to justify a single CO2 Plant, and multiple CO2 plants would be deployed for larger fields in similar increments.

The majority of the CO2 plant is shop fabricated and then transported to the site developed by the Company and is normally integrated into the oilfield operations central facility. ONSITE manages all aspects of the plant development, including commissioning and the ongoing operations.

Enhanced Oil Recovery projects are developed with oilfields owned by the Company, or on a Joint Venture basis with the oilfield owner as a joint venture operating partner.

Currently the company's focus is on South Texas, an area that contains every important ingredient for the successful deployment of the ONSITE solution. It has an abundance of oilfields ready for CO2 today, and in addition, since power is a salable by-product, continued growth will be enhanced by the ideal conditions in the Texas Power Market.

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